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Massachusetts Looks Better Thanks to Aurora Exterior Painting

April 19, 2016
Since their company was established in 2004, Aurora Exterior Painting has taken pride in the fact that they have provided homeowners all over Massachusetts with the most professional painting services in the area. To date, more than 3,600 homes have received the Aurora treatment and a they have a lot of happy clients.

The thing that makes Aurora Exterior Painting one of the best and most professional contractors in the business is their commitment to communicating with the clients and their dedication to even the finest details of the client's project. The homeowner's goals become their goals. Of course, Aurora Exterior Painting offers a lot more than exterior painting. They can also offer skilled interior painting services, as well as light carpentry and power washing services. In fact, even if your house doesn’t need painting quite yet, they can power wash your home to remove mildew, mold, dirt and grime from outside surfaces, including the home's siding, as well as decks, porches and other surfaces.

And their service is complete. The entire process begins with a free estimate, which will detail the size and scope of the work necessary and offer concrete price proposals on the spot. All exterior paint jobs come with pressure washing and prep services, including drop cloths, caulking, light carpentry, including fixing broken boards, caulking and glazing windows or doing anything else that is necessary to make sure the work is done right. All jobs come with a two-year warranty.

When it comes to providing your home with the best possible paint job, the work accomplished by Aurora Exterior Painting speaks for itself. Doing the job right makes a big difference when it comes to the life and value of your home and the people at Aurora Exterior Painting can make a huge difference.